Traditional Publishing and Self-Publishing

Happy Friday! I read a post this week written by an agent who had clearly had her fill of being referred to as a ‘gatekeeper’. Her feeling is self-published authors view agents and editors as people determined to keep other people out of publishing. She points out in the post that selecting who to work Read More..

What’s In a Name?

Happy Friday! Happy Independence Day too! July 4th was also my dad’s birthday. We used to kid that he was so important the whole country would stop and celebrate the day of his birth each year. My dad was my biggest cheerleader. If you’ve struggled or are still struggling to find a publisher willing to Read More..

Brain Nudges

Happy Friday! This is the start of a holiday week, so if you’re reading this I hope it’s on your phone as you travel (as a passenger) to some fabulous vacation getaway. For most writers, almost anything in life can be fodder for a story. I’m a collector of the new, old, and unusual. This Read More..

Win a Book Club Visit

Happy Friday! Happy last day of spring, too! It is an absolutely perfectly wonderful day here. Sunny, seventies, and breezy, can it get any better than that? I hope you are enjoying some of the same. This week I got to go to two book club meetings. One was with my regular book club. We Read More..

Smiles, Smiles, and More Smiles

Happy Friday! I know many writers are very organized bloggers. They plan each post out in advance, coordinate posts with events, etc. I’m a pantser when it comes to this. I sit down and hope something relevant comes to mind. Today I decided I’d share a few things that made me smile this week. • Read More..

Five in a Flash

Happy Friday! I filled out a survey this week about what happens between getting the offer and the actual publication of the book. It got me thinking about some of the things I didn’t know until after the book was released. So here’s my Five in a Flash list of things that either caused my Read More..

Long Weekend

Happy Friday! Last weekend was a busy book event weekend and this weekend will be a busy writing weekend. I hope I enjoy this one as much as I enjoyed the last one! I have discovered a problem with doing group book events. I see so many other titles that catch my interest and I Read More..

The Secret Is Out!

Happy Friday! I can finally talk about the secret I’ve been holding inside for more than a month! A few months ago, I saw a small piece in the paper about the upcoming Morristown Festival of Books. The event will be held on September 26th and 27th, and here is the part that made it Read More..

May: A Time for Books and Blossoms

Happy Friday! Have you ever had a week when you find yourself constantly thinking “Isn’t this week over yet?’ I’m at the tail end of about six of those in a row. The good news is I see the light at the end of the tunnel! More good news: I sent a manuscript to my Read More..

Diversity in Books

Happy Saturday! I wanted to write “Happy Friday!” but it just didn’t happen – 2 Fridays in a row. Since this was the second time I missed a Friday, I decided I better not wait another week. I’ve been swamped with work, but I have read numerous tweets, posts, and e-mails about diversity in literature Read More..