5 Fabulous Things About Being a Writer

Happy Friday!

So often when writers get together, we discuss all of the drawbacks of writing: rejection, concerns about sales numbers, reviews, marketing, etc… There is a good reason for this. It is much easier to talk about these things with people who have experienced the same things you are experiencing. They get it. They know how you feel, why you worry, and hopefully have some ideas on how to improve the situation or at least learn how to live with it.

Sometimes, though, it is important to stop and share the great stuff about being a writer. So today, I’m going to share five reasons it is great to be an author.

1. Authors often have close personal relationships with imaginary characters and the rest of the world sees this as being perfectly okay.

2. We have deadlines to meet, but how we meet those deadlines is up to us. If you’re a morning person, you get up with the roosters and work. If you are an evening person, stay up ;ate and sleep in the next day.

3. We have the best commute in the world. When I was teaching, I sat in traffic every morning. I have never gotten stuck in gridlock commuting from any room in my home to my office.

4. We get to see our books in libraries and bookstores. This is uber-exciting and never grows old.

5. We get to meet some of the most interesting people on Earth – readers.

What’s your favorite part of your job?


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