It’s the Little Things

Happy Friday!

This Thursday is Thanksgiving Day if you live in the US. I hope you all have a drama-free day spent with the people who mean the most to you.

I’ve been sick for about a week. Because I don’t have the luxury of crawling under the covers and checking out of the world until the symptoms pass, I have very little tolerance for colds and fevers and such. Because of that, I end up feeling both sick and annoyed the whole time. To try to balance out the annoyance, I am going to focus on some of the small things I’m thankful for. Friends, family, shelter, etc. don’t count – those are the big things. I’m talking about the tiny things we don’t always give attention to, but make our life better. So here are five things I’m thankful for because they made my week brighter.


  1. Sunshine on a cold day
  2. A quiet neighborhood when I needed to concentrate
  3. Friends who saw me knock over a chair which banged into a table which slid backward into another chair and knocked that one on the floor too in the middle of a restaurant and then just got up and helped me put it all right again
  4. A baby’s belly laugh that rang out over the background noise in a coffee shop
  5. A song that brought back a happy memory

I hope you have a thousand things to be thankful for – both big and small. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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