Long Weekend

Happy Friday!

Last weekend was a busy book event weekend and this weekend will be a busy writing weekend. I hope I enjoy this one as much as I enjoyed the last one! I have discovered a problem with doing group book events. I see so many other titles that catch my interest and I come home with a stack of purchases! I am going to have to learn self-control!

The other thing I’ve learned is I really like doing these events. It’s a great opportunity to meet other writers and so many readers all at once. There are so many nice people out there. One mother and daughter stopped to tell me they had read PROVIDENCE and noted their library has 5 copies and they’ve been checked out for awhile. They had to wait for a copy before reading it and there was still a waiting list. That tidbit made my entire weekend a glowing event. You always know that not everyone will love what you write, but it’s wonderful knowing that some people do!

Have a great weekend! Remember what we are celebrating. Enjoy your family and friends and please be safe. The roads are especially dangerous on this weekend.


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