Obsessions of the Non-Human Kind


It’s not Friday. It’s early Saturday morning. I completely forgot about this yesterday. It was one of those days where nothing quite gelled in my brain because there was just too much competing for space and attention up there. When I have days like that, I have a hard time sleeping. My brain just refuses to shut down. Sometimes it’s productive, sometimes not so much.

Around midnight, my brain was occupied by my fascination (and by fascination I mean near-obsession) with 3D technology. I’ve read about people using the technology for medical solutions and architectural or enginneering help. I even read an article that suggested people might one day have them in their homes and use them to make basic kitchen gear. This ‘interest’ of mine has led me to spend more time than I care to admit to browsing through ads for personal 3D computers. I have to remind myself I have no reason to purchase one of these.

Last night, I was thinking how cool it would be if I could type in the description of one of my characters and the computer turned my words into the digital image needed as input for the 3D printer. I could have a doll collection of my own characters! (This idea was probably spurred by The Big Bang Theory episode when Howard made the minis of Howard and Bernadette.) If this technology that allows us to go from word to digital image to 3D image exists already, please don’t tell me. I need to keep temptation at bay to give common sense has a chance of winning.

Have a great week!

Also thank you to the nearly 2,000 people who signed up to win a copy of Providence from Goodreads. I hope the winners enjoy the book.

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