Random Thoughts on a Snowy Day

Happy Friday!

Instead of working today, I spent several hours shoveling snow in frigid temperatures. My post today is simply a brief compilation of the random thoughts of a woman outside in the cold.

1. Keep the course, Lisa. Everyone has ideas about what I should be doing and how I should be doing it. If it feels right, do it; if it doesn’t don’t. Trust your gut.

2. Enjoy the ride! It’s okay to feel positively giddy with excitement sometimes. You worked long and hard for this. Let yourself enjoy it.

3. Man it’s cold out here.

4. Don’t be so afraid of this marketing part of things. Sure it’s new to you, but you are always trying new things at work and you’re usually glad you did.

5. Don’t, however, be afraid to get help when you need it. Asking Stacy Kleber to design your bookmarks was a good thing. You’ll be happy with what she comes up with and you won’t have wasted a ton of energy agonizing over each little step.

6. The whole world seems fascinated by felines. Maybe I should train a cat to type, film it, and put it on my website to increase traffic.

7. Man it’s cold out here.

8. I hope I wasn’t too harsh with my art notes on the Sleepy Hollow project. The ax in the frames is driving me crazy.

9. I want some hot chocolate. Tea would be better for me and I don’t have milk for hot chocolate. I do have the powdered stuff you mix with water though. I could melt a scoop of ice cream in that and it would be creamy enough. Hot chocolate it is!

10. When is good enough good enough? The sidewalks are clear, the driveway is clear, and 80% of the driveway apron is clear. I’ve been shoveling for hours. I’m freezing and the wind is picking up again. Right now. That’s when good enough is good enough.

Keep warm everyone and enjoy some toasty time inside!




2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on a Snowy Day

  1. Terrific blog! Can’t wait to read more.

    Note: Regarding #6 above, kittens have universal appeal. Cats can alienate ”dog people’.

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