Reviews: the Giant Rollercoasters for Authors

Happy Friday!

It’s only 8 PM and I’m already thinking about sleep! The week flew by and I woke up this morning thinking it can’t be Friday already. Providence’s book birthday is only days away!

As the release date nears, the number of reviews increases. At first, I read every review as a make or break situation. Negative ones stung like a sword to the heart. Positive ones made my heart sing. I worried about comments and constantly fought the urge to explain. I can’t say reviews have no effect on me, but I can say they aren’t a scary roller coaster ride anymore. If anything they confirm what I said before anyone had access to it: some people will love it; some people won’t. Being able to predict this outcome doesn’t make me psychic. The same can be said of any book.

Still on March 18th I will celebrate by reading those 5 star reviews again and revel in the knowledge my book made someone’s day better.

How do you deal with public evaluation? Do you take it in stride? Do you ignore it? Or are you still riding the scary, scary roller coaster?


BTW You can still sign up to win a free autographed copy of Providence on Goodreads. (Giveaway ends March 28th) The publisher is providing 25 copies!

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