Smiles, Smiles, and More Smiles

Happy Friday!
I know many writers are very organized bloggers. They plan each post out in advance, coordinate posts with events, etc. I’m a pantser when it comes to this. I sit down and hope something relevant comes to mind.
Today I decided I’d share a few things that made me smile this week.
• At the OCOB reception, I met a woman who had dogearred her copy of Providence, so she could find her favorite passages quickly. Another woman was able to quote her favorite passages.
• I met a teacher whose classes are going to read Providence. I love this! And I love teachers who go the extra mile to help their students connect as a community of readers.
• I got an e-mail today asking if Watson’s Grove was based on the e-mail writer’s hometown. The town has a Second Hand Rose store with a bike shop and diner nearby. How cool is that? I’ve been thinking about it all afternoon and now I have a yen to take a road trip up there to see the town for myself.
• I finished a work project today, except for the proofing. That is always a great feeling!
• I had critique group today, during which we laughed so hard at ourselves we practically cried.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone! The skies are supposed to clear so get out and have some fun!


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