Happy 1st Birthday, PROVIDENCE!

Happy 1st Birthday, PROVIDENCE! Happy birthday, Providence! Today is the book’s official birthday and it has been a heck of a year. Here are a few of the highlights: February 11th, more than a month before the book’s official debut, my author copies arrived. The sensation of holding the book, rapping your knuckles against the Read More..

Good News Gazette

Happy Friday! Let’s call this week’s post the Good News Gazette. Here are a few things that made me smile this week. I received a box of sets of activity cards I worked on last year for Edupress. Most of them were classroom activity sets, but one was a Pete-the-Cat On-the-Go Games for ages 3 Read More..

Deadlines: Friend or Foe?

Happy Friday! Today I found out PROVIDENCE is now available in paperback too, so it is a happy, happy Friday for me. My critique group met today and one member was talking about a deadline she needs to meet for her next book. The writing has just begun and it is destined to be a Read More..

The Gifts of Youth

Happy Day-After- Friday! The week flew by and I never posted here. This time of year with its frigid temperatures and snowy coat always causes me to think more about things that in the summer might only get brief consideration. Two of the things happily occupying my mind at the moment are family things. One Read More..

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! A new year is always a chance for a fresh start. I’m not making resolutions of the “I’ll read a hundred books in a year,” or the “I’ll workout five times a week,” sort. I’m going to resolve to try to make internal changes. Be braver. I am too timid for my Read More..

Christmas Rx

Happy Friday! Everyone is so busy this week, so I’m keeping this post short and sweet. The hustle and bustle of this week can cause lots of frayed nerves. My Rx for this malady: read a great Christmas picture book. A few of my favorites: The Night Before Christmas by Clement C. Moore Night Tree Read More..

5 Reasons to Stop and Say Hello!

Happy Friday! Where will you be tomorrow? If you are near Princeton, NJ, I hope you’ll stop by to say hello! I’ll be there signing Providence and taking part in a panel for the Mary Jacobs Library Foundation YA Book Fest Here’s five reasons you should stop and chat: I’m a very friendly person – Read More..

Stress, Stress Go Away!

Happy Friday! The evening news is on in the background as I type. The anchor is having his own little pun fest tonight. Normally, I would enjoy his attempts. I think it’s fair to say I like a pun more than the average person does. Tonight though he’s not even getting a half grin out Read More..

It’s the Little Things

Happy Friday! This Thursday is Thanksgiving Day if you live in the US. I hope you all have a drama-free day spent with the people who mean the most to you. I’ve been sick for about a week. Because I don’t have the luxury of crawling under the covers and checking out of the world Read More..

It’s Not Just You Either

Happy Friday! We had our first snow last night. I’ve grown to really not like the cold and the snow, but the first snow of the season is always welcome. I hope you are finding some joy in the winter weather too. I would describe myself as being a total grumblebunny for the past couple Read More..