World Book Night

Happy Friday! I hope everyone is enjoying spring and not letting the winter temps keep them down. This Wednesday is World Book Night. What will you be reading? I’m reading Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. Hopefully, on Wednesday I will be on those last few pages, because we will be discussing it at book Read More..

Wow Weather!

Happy Friday! Once again I find myself wondering how it got it to be Friday so quickly. The more tasks I have on my list the less time I seem to have to get everything done. This is a very busy work time for me, so I schedule my time carefully. When something throws a Read More..

How Is the Book Selling?

Happy Friday! The number one question I’ve been asked in the past two weeks is, “How is the book selling?” My always disappointing answer, “I have no clue and won’t know for at least 6 months.” I understand why people are surprised by that response. With all the technology we have available to us on Read More..

Obsessions of the Non-Human Kind

Hello! It’s not Friday. It’s early Saturday morning. I completely forgot about this yesterday. It was one of those days where nothing quite gelled in my brain because there was just too much competing for space and attention up there. When I have days like that, I have a hard time sleeping. My brain just Read More..

Hello World! Here I Am!

Happy Friday! The countdown for PROVIDENCE is over! It is officially out in the world searching for readers to connect with. I kind of checked out of the world on Tuesday, the official release day. I did early and late tweets and a couple of posts, but for the most part I avoided talking about Read More..

Reviews: the Giant Rollercoasters for Authors

Happy Friday! It’s only 8 PM and I’m already thinking about sleep! The week flew by and I woke up this morning thinking it can’t be Friday already. Providence’s book birthday is only days away! As the release date nears, the number of reviews increases. At first, I read every review as a make or Read More..

Do the Numbers Really Add Up?

Happy Friday! I hope everyone had a great week and are looking forward to some fun this weekend. We are supposed to have a warm-up around here and I’m really ready for it. I always believed writers lived in a world of words. I never realized how much numbers affect a writer’s life. I’ve heard Read More..

Mother Nature…

Happy Friday! There are actually only 40 minutes left to Friday, so I’m barely making my self-imposed deadline for posts. My publisher, Merit Press, is giving away free signed copies of Providence. If you haven’t signed up yet, here’s the link: We are expecting more snow again for Sunday – Tuesday. I am so tired Read More..

There’s Snow Time Like the Present to Write

Happy Friday! It’s been a bad winter. Cold, snowy, icy and now today thunder and lightning, fog, and since we zipped up above freezing (39°F) rain. As I sit hear listening to the storm outside, I find myself hoping the rain will wash away the remaining ice slabs on the driveway and walks. (I know, Read More..

14 Things I Love

Happy Friday! Happy Valentine’s Day! If you live anywhere near me, you are probably having a hard time having a happy day. I’m not completely dug out yet either and more snow is on the way. I did get my author copies of Providence this week though. It was definitely the bright spot in my Read More..