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I’ve enjoyed writing a wide variety of books and materials for the school and library market. These include: textbooks, workbooks, assessment materials, leveled readers, classroom games and kits, and school & library books. Some of the ones I had the most fun working on are in the photo!

Fall 2019

Biome Beasts

Boreal Forest Animals
Deciduous Forest Animals
Desert Animals
Estuary Animals
Freshwater Pond Animals
Grassland Animals
Ocean Animals
Tundra Animals

Rourke Educational Publishing



What others have to say about a few of my recent projects:

Animals Have Classes Too!

Rourke Educational Publishing




From Booklist April 1, 2019

By Lisa Colozza Cocca

Elementary-schoolers get a lively introduction to the scientific system of classification in this very visual installment in the Animals Have Classes Too! Series…Lots of full-color, high-resolution close-up photos of arthropods…the book uses arthropods as a (very effective) example to focus more on how the classification system works…fascinating and should pique curiosity… an engaging layout, an inviting tone, and ample back matter, this is a useful, multifaceted choice for science classrooms.
— Sarah Hunter

Reconstruction and the Aftermath of the Civil War

(Crabtree Publishing Company)

“Yet, as Lisa Colozza Cocca deftly explains in this well researched work, the end result of these sometimes violently conflicting interests was the ultimate degradation of America’s former slaves. Readers of this well written study will come away with twin feelings that opportunities were missed in the Reconstruction era and that the times themselves made seizing them virtually impossible.”
-Greg Romaneck, Children’s Literature

Making and Using Graphs

Making and Using Graphs: Graphing Story Problems
Making and Using Graphs: Bar Graphs
Making and Using Graphs: Line Graphs
Making and Using Graphs: Pictographs
Making and Using Graphs: Tally Charts
Making and Using Graphs: Pie Graphs
(Cherry Lake Publishing)

“The instructions are clearly written and the exercises are often lighthearted…Pie Graph is the most challenging volume since creating the right wedge sizes is typically a difficult undertaking. However, the book delivers a solid explanation.”
-Stephanie Farnlacher, School Library Journal

Marquis de Lafayette: Fighting for America’s Freedom

(Crabtree Publishing)

“Lafayette’s biography is well handled by Lisa Colozza Cocca in this publication. Cocca does a particularly solid job of writing when she delves into the motivation that was behind Lafayette’s joining the Colonial forces, writing the Rights of Man, and then advocating for republican causes despite lethal risks in his homeland.”
-Greg M. Romaneck, Children’s Literature