I started out life as - yes, you guessed it! - a baby!

I started out life as – yes, you guessed it! – a baby!

I grew up in upstate New York between Albany and Saratoga. After college, I moved to New Jersey and still live there today. I’ve always worked around books – I was a teacher, I ran a school library, and I’ve written tons and tons of school and library materials. If you’ve been to school in the past decade, there is a good chance you have used something I had a part in making.

Providence is the first novel of mine to be published, but I’ve written other novels, chapter books, and picture books. I hope one day they will find as wonderful a home as Providence has.

People always ask what my favorite book is. That is such a tough question for a book lover. How to pick just one? Basically, I like books about people experiencing things in the real world.  I like to close the cover feeling like I’ve experienced something new alongside the characters. I hope readers feel that way after they read my book too.

As a writer, I’m always keeping my eyes open for new ideas. I love to read and to watch plays and movies. I love to visit gardens, wineries, museums, and pretty much any place I’ve never been before. One of my absolute favorite things to do is to linger over dinner with friends in endless conversation. I’ve closed down many a restaurant!

I have three siblings, three kids of my own, and four amazing grandchildren. (Although I feel way too young to be a grandma!) Friends and family have taught me so much about life. They should know though the old saying is true – if you get too close to an author, you just might end up being a character in one of her books!