5 Burning Questions and 1 Pitiful Plea

Happy Friday!
It’s been a long time since I last posted. Life has been very hectic. Today, I’m going to answer your five burning questions (meaning the questions I’ve been asked most often recently) and make one pitiful plea.

Question 1:
Why haven’t you posted anything new in a long time?

In the past month, I’ve been to a book festival, library visit, school visit, and a book club meeting. These things were worked around a heavy work schedule and a busy personal schedule. (family wedding, 3 out 4 weekends with company staying here, and several fun activities) Then last week my hard drive on my main computer died. It is the second hard drive in two years to go. This time they couldn’t pull any of my files off of it. The computer has been replaced. (Along with my vacuum which sputtered its last breath the very next day after the computer died.) Much of this week was spent trying to recover bits and pieces from here and there and trying to catch up on my workload. The blog was on my mind, but not at the top of my priority list.

Question 2:
How was that thing in Morristown you spoke at?

That thing was the Morristown Festival of Books and where were you? It was a gorgeous, gorgeous day in Morristown. The sun was shining, the temperature was warm, but not hot, and there were plenty of smiling people milling about. And of course there were authors – a broad selection to choose from: fiction and nonfiction, people who write for children, teen, and adults, famous and not-so-famous. It was a perfect opportunity to meet a favorite or discover someone new. If you’re feeling badly about missing it, then here’s some good news – it will be back next year! Plan to be there if you love books.

Question 3:
Why do you have that kitten scene in your book?

It’s not because I hate cats. There is a purpose for every scene in a book. In this case, it was to help build a compelling reason for Becky to not call the authorities and not go home. I wanted the readers to cheer for Becky, but she was making some poorly thought out choices. There had to be a reason great enough for this to be forgiven by the readers so they could root Becky on.

Question 4:
Are you writing a sequel to Providence?

No, I’m not working on one. I may sometime in the future, but for now I’ve moved on to new storylines and characters.

Question 5:
Is Providence going to be a movie?

That’s one of the things an author has little control over. If someone wants to make it a movie, I’d definitely be open to it. So if anyone of the many dozens of people who have asked me that have a third cousin twice removed who works for a famous producer feel free to pass my book along to him or her.

One Pitiful Plea:
This could almost fit under the questions. People frequently let me know if Providence is or isn’t available in their public libraries. If it is then YAHOO! If it isn’t, then please check to see if your library allows patrons to request books. The libraries often add the requests to their purchase lists. So here comes the unashamed begging. If your library doesn’t already have a copy of Providence on the shelves, please request it.

Have a great weekend! I will try harder to keep to a blog schedule.


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