Wow Weather!

Happy Friday!

Once again I find myself wondering how it got it to be Friday so quickly. The more tasks I have on my list the less time I seem to have to get everything done. This is a very busy work time for me, so I schedule my time carefully. When something throws a wrench in that schedule (and something always does) I get panicky worrying about my many deadlines. My schedule at the moment also means having to work part of the weekend. Despite this, I’m absolutely giddy about the upcoming weekend. What has my heart singing about a working weekend? The weather! Saturday, Sunday, and Monday are supposed to be in the seventies AND sunny. Let’s all just soak that in for a moment. Seventies AND sunny – doubly delicious days! I’ll get my work done, but I’m definitely going to make time to be outside – even if I have to have my laptop with me. I’m going to do my best to soak in the sunshine and warmth (and air out my house) so when the forty degree temperatures and the rain return mid-week I will be able to close my eyes and return to that feeling of warmth and wonder in the world.

What will you be doing this weekend?

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